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22 November 06 - 19:42Child's Play - BC Children's Hospital

Anyone who knows Penny Arcade, knows that these guys run one of the best charities around. Until now it was more of a North America wide thing that didn't really have an impact on the lower mainland, but as of now... the BC Children's Hospital is on their list. If you were planning to give to charity this X-mas, think of the children and how video games will make their hospital stay tolerable. Here are the links to follow:

Child's Play Charity - Main Site
BC Children's Hospital Amazon Page

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20 November 06 - 02:36Wii impresions

After a long day of playing the Wii, here are my first impressions. The system is tiny & quiet, and the controllers are remarkable. The interface/menu is lacking a bit due to lack of channels, but this will change in the near future. Wii Sports is a lot of fun for casual players, especially Tennis/Boxing/Baseball/Bowling. The whole "Mii" creation thing is very cool and the subtleties never end (you can see other Mii's hanging out in the background while your Mii is bowling). As for the games... this is what we've played so far...
ZELDA: TWILIGHT PRINCESS - While the graphics are that of a 2-year old Gamecube game (since that's what it is), it still looks impressive and the gameplay is very "Ocarina of Time". I'm not very far yet, but so far I'm hooked and expect this game to suck away all of my free time for the next few months.
SUPER MONKEY BALL - It's just like every other SMB game except the controls are much nicer and it has 50 mini-games. This game really helps you appreciate just how accurate the Wiimote is. The mini-games are hit & miss, some fun, some crap.
RAYMAN RAVING RABBIDS - This game surprised me. It's pretty much all mini-games, but they're actually good games and the bunny hunt stuff is awesome. (I'm keeping this game for a while as my wife likes it as well).
TRAUMA CENTER SECOND OPINION - It's pretty much the same as the DS version, with a few added options. A bit harder to control since the Wiimote isn't quite as accurate as the DS stylus, but still a lot of fun and very different from traditional games.
CALL OF DUTY 3 - Straight up WW2 shooter. I'm not a fan of shooters. It looks good and the controls are very intuitive, but I died pretty quickly cause I suck at shooters.
TONY HAWK DOWNHILL JAM - It's more like a snowboarding game (but on a skateboard). I didn't play it for very long, but from what I played the game is ok. The controls are a bit difficult, although it may just take some getting used to (as I didn't give it more than 15 minutes). I'll play more withing the next few days.

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17 November 06 - 01:39PS3 Line-ups & playing with my Wii

The lines starting forming locally yesterday... and they're longer in people than the stores are in consoles. Most of these people with no intention of actually playing the unit they will purchase. My tomorrow, eBay, Craigslist, & other online forums will be flooded with people trying to turn a profit on their PS3 (or more accurately they want to get paid for their 2 days camping in the cold rain). Even my distributor tried to gouge me with a (wholesale) price of $1200. So yeah, there may be a system or two at the store if any of my contacts want to sell them on consignment, but they're going to be pricey.

On a different note, the console people CAN actually get this holiday season (Nintendo Wii) will be picked up on Sunday morning, along with a small pile of games. We'll be playing it pretty much all day every day for a while. If you want to join us, stop by (and bring a controller & whatever games you have if you have them).

We will also be offering some sweet trade-in deals for your used (or new) Wii games. We will beat EB's trade-in value, as well as offer $10 bonus credit if the credit is all spent on old-school games (NES/SNES/N64/Genesis/etc.). On top of that, every game traded in gives you 1 entry into a draw for a fully-paid pre-order on your choice of "Warioware: Smooth Moves", "Super Smash Bros. Brawl", or "Mario Galaxy".

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