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23 May 07 - 20:07For great justice... UPDATE

I got a call about something that happened today (the title of this post is a hint), but I can't talk about it for a few days.

*** UPDATE ***

So... long story short, the local police caught the guy who robbed us. They were planning to send out a press release last week about it, but never did (not that I mind). It might have something to do with the fact that the New West police media relations officer retired (probably got lost in the shuffle). Anyway, I'll let you know if any more news comes of this. We will be attending his court date and I'll update the blog accordingly.

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15 May 07 - "Game One" segment now online!!!

They were here a few weeks ago to interview me for their show, and now you can all watch the show at the link below (click on the right side to go straight to our segment).

Once we get our hard copy, we'll archive it here in the blog as their link won't last more than a couple weeks.

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