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26 August 07 - 14:14PAX

So, PAX was awesome this year. Wil Wheaton gave the keynote speech and I highly recommend you watch it (it will be online in a few days if it's not already) as it's without a doubt the best speech I've heard in years. The Penny Arcade panels were great, Uwe Boll made an appearance (that man has balls), and I got some nice swag. I got to check out some new games that won't be released for a while, touched base with Amanda & Jeremy over at "", and found a way to contribute to the PSP "scene" by testing Pandora on a Slim PSP while the "booth babe" it was tethered to was oblivious. Met Wil Wheaton, attended a hotel party (briefly), drank some Bawls, met up with "friends of Gamedeals", saw "Freezepop" perform, and listened to publishers talk about how they're trying to push everything digital and cut retailers out of the loop completely (thanks guys). I also did some shopping.

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13 August 07 - 19:58A depressing story about EB Games. - UPDATE

I had an experience at EB Games last week that bothered me... so much so that I sent the district manager an email to which (now 3 days later) he has not yet replied. Anyway, I thought I'd post it here for you guys to read as it's something that all classic gamers should be aware of.


Recently I had an interesting visit with an EB Games location that has me concerned and frustrated, and I was hoping that as the district manager, you could shed some light on the situation and/or help to change it in the future.

I witnessed a man trading in a pile of old Nintendo 64 games, and while most of them scanned in and he was given credit for them, some of them had a $0 value (or lack of SKU). The man told the employee to keep them as "he just wanted them all gone" and the employee obliged. After the man left, when asked about the $0 games, the employee informed me that they were to be thrown into the garbage & destroyed. If these were Genesis sports games I probably wouldn't care, but some of the games were rare & somewhat valuable. The employee informed me that under no circumstances could I buy these games, nor could I "pick them out of the trash" and that this was EB Corporate policy. He then informed me that this happens ALL THE TIME and even recounted a time when a boxed/complete Chrono Trigger (arguably one of the most collectible SNES games) was disposed of in the same way. As a collector of old games, and a re-seller that deals with collectors, frankly I'm appalled. I honestly can't get the image of a mint Chrono Trigger next to a half-eaten sandwich in the trash compactor out of my head. Everyone that I've mentioned this too has also returned feelings of disgust & anger.

While I understand that these rules are set in place to avoid employee theft & other issues that must have occurred to have prompted such rules, I have to ask... isn't there something that can be done? Could the games be SKU'd in at $0.10 and sold for $0.50 just for the sake of not throwing them out (or would that be too much work and/or require too much space)? Could they be donated to Charity? The guys at Penny Arcade run a great charity called "Child's Play" that buys video games for sick children in hospitals around the world ( While they don't accept used games directly, EB Games could work out a deal with local game stores who could pick up the games & donate money to charity on behalf of EB Games. Surely helping sick children is better than adding to our nations landfills.

In closing, please let me know if there is anything that can be done to fix this situation, or if the people at corporate head office are open to suggestions and/or willing to make a change. For the sake of old-school gamers everywhere, something needs to be done.

Thank you,


Weeks have now passed, and I have received no response. I no longer expect one. If anyone reads this and works at EB, please do whatever you can to change the policy, and or actively disobey it for the greater good.

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02 August 07 - 05:11PRESS: The kind of stuff only a google search would find.

I did a google search and came up with some media coverage that I had no idea existed and/or never posted to the blog... so here it is.


Justice, YouTube-Style

Videogame store Gamedeals Video Games of New Westminster, British Columbia was robbed last Tuesday. Its none-too bright attackers, however, saw fit to stare into the store’s security cameras for a while before committing the heinous act. The store’s owners have subsequently released the tape on YouTube, hopefully meaning it’s only a matter of time before someone recognizes them. This amuses us to no end.

The Girl And The Giant DPad

Let's bust out the controller's measurements: 100cm by 43cm. This elephant-sized NES control pad was created from balsa wood, styrene plastic and foam by deviant artist Eyes5. The artist explains:

There's a nifty used games store that just opened up near me called Gamedeals. I got to know the proprieter pretty well and he asked me to make a big NES controller for his window display. I say, sure no problem, and two weeks later this is the result. And no, it doesn't actually work to play NES games.

Bummer! Make a jumbo NES Zapper, and you'll be forgiven.


Hey Kotaku, Help Find These Thieving Bastards!

Remember that girl with the giant, non-working D-pad? It was used in a British Columbia-based store display. That store, Gamedeals Video Games, was robbed on April 3rd. According to the shop's blog:

Overall we are only out a couple thousand, but with the insurance company having a $1000 deductible, it's going to hurt us. Please spread this video around and if you have any extra games you're not playing anymore, trade/sell them to us as we need to re-fill our stock (mostly of newer stuff) soon.

Gamedeals' Brian Hughes sent us the YouTube clip above asking for our help in finding the men who did this. The suspects are believed to be locals. Any information regarding this crime should be passed along to Hughes or the New Westminster BC police department. Let's catch these bastards!


(Still makes me laugh that all the details are wrong, yet this is what started the media circus).

Video: Robbers trash local video game store on tape!

Thieves broke into a small business in Coquitlam, BC earlier this week. Guess they missed all the cameras, because their faces are plainly visible. While they took a few thousand dollars worth of stuff, they missed all of the PS3 gear and the LCD projector. They even took the PC instead of the mac.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- was robbed April 3rd and the thieves were recorded by security cameras.


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