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21 November 07 - 20:24The Trial - Part 1

So today was the day, for the trial of Robert P (they guy that robbed us). Because I was a witness, I wasn't allowed into the court room until it was time to give testimony, so these are the notes from my wife. The first officer gave his testimony, and the defense claimed that the guy in the video wasn't Robert. Then it was my turn. I went in, and the Crown asked me a bunch of seemingly stupid questions, but very important ones as the process requires them to state the obvious and "dot their i's and cross their t's". After answering questions, she played the video footage for me to comment on, then she played the YouTube video (again, for commentary). My wife noted that this was probably the first time Robert had seen the video, and the looks on his face were "interesting". So with "One Winged Angel" playing in the courtroom, I realized that this whole thing was just surreal. A few more questions later, and I was done. The Defense had no questions for me, so I took a seat and watched the rest unfold. They called in the officer that first identified Robert. He gave his testimony, indicating that the man in the video was Robert. The defense tried to play it down, and the YouTube video was played again. This entire ordeal took about 3 hours and we ran out of time... the rest of the trial will take place on Dec. 13th at roughly 10am. The Crown has at least 2 more officers to testify against Robert, and I believe I heard something out of the Defense about a "facial recognition expert" so it should be interesting. I never thought it would get this far, but hell, for my first time in court at least I'm sitting on the good side of the room.

Part 2 will come on/after Dec. 13th.

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02 November 07 - 19:32Child's Play Charity

Once again, it's that time of year. When we are bombarded with new games & spend entirely too much on them. Lest we not forget the sick children. The guys at Penny arcade run a great charity called "Child's Play" that provides Videogames & other entertainment/toys to sick children around the world. Last year they raised over a million dollers... and this year they're probably looking to beat that. When people like Jack Thompson talk about how gaming is bad for us, and bad for our children, it's things like this that help to put him in his place.

We will be accepting donations from now until Dec. 15th for Child's Play. You can donate cash (change even), or games. While the Child's Play organization doesn't accept old/used games as the hospitals cannot accept them... I WILL... and donate an appropriate amount of money and/or new games to Child's Play. Think of this as a good way to get rid of some old stuff & help sick kids at the same time. The local hospital that's getting everything from us is the "BC Children's Hospital" in Vancouver.

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