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14 December 07 - 15:39The Trial - Part 2

So yesterday was the second half of the trial for the guy who robbed us (and pleaded Not-Guilty). It was... more of the same. 1 officer testified that he recognized the accused in the Youtube video, another officer testified that he had arrested him shortly after our break-in and had some nice photos of him (before jail changed his appearance). Turns out he was conviced of another B&E (some Wine store?) and is already serving 6 months. Anyway, after the final statements, the determination came down to whether he was the guy in the video without a shadow of a doubt, and his distinct dimple was in question as it isn't prominent in the Youtube video. So the judge watched the original footage again (twice) and saw the dimple. Moments later she made her speech and and it ended with GUILTY.

Sentencing will take place next year as to not disturb Robert's "program" in jail. Hopefully this will be an opportunity for him to turn his life around, but we may never know. He will likely get another 6 months or more, as well as a judge order to pay me $1000 (the damage deposit), which I will likely never get.

If by some chance, years from now, Robert is reading this, and he's cleaned himself up and re-joined normal society... I'm sorry for the public shaming you took for this, blame the media who were all to happy to hype it up. You owe me a grand. Buy me lunch and we'll call it even.

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