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15 July 08 - 18:23E3 = big letdown

It's that time of year again, when the big video game companies get together at E3 and announce all the cool stuff that we have to look forward to... except this year, the whole thing was a big waste of time. Here are the highlights:

- We're in your Square Enix's getting your Final Fantasies. (Final Fantasy 13 is going to Xbox 360 as well in North America & Europe).
- We get Portal 1.5 as XBLA Exclusive (woohoo)
- More of the same... blah blah blah

- We're finally releasing Wii Music that we told you about years ago (when the Wii was launched).
- Our controller isn't very good so we're adding ANOTHER accelerometer to it to make it MORE accurate.
- More Animal Crossing (that we've know about for months).
- Grand Theft Auto "Chinatown Wars" for DS (are you kidding me?)
- More crap for soccer-moms.

- Home is going to be available (whenever the hell we finish it - but not soon)
- Little Big Planet (that we showed you last year) still isn't ready.
- Look at the movie download service (distraction from lack of games)
- We're still making PS2 stuff (cause people actually own THAT console)
- We're going to drop the 80GB model and put the 80GB hard drive in the 40GB (no Backward Compatibility) model for $399 so it LOOKS like a price drop, but really we've just killed any hope of playing PS2 games on a PS3.
- More PSN games like "Fat Princess" & other crap.

- More animalz gamez that end in "z" and a line of Webkins-clones plushies with "z"'s in them.

- "Rock Band 2" kicks "Guitar Hero 4 World Tour"'s ass.

Good times. I'll add more if/when anything new is announced.

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03 July 08 - 18:33Gamedeals will be CLOSED renovations this Sun/Mon.

We've been talking about it for months, and now it's finally happening... the walls are coming down. We will be closed on Sunday July 6th and Monday July 7th (most likely) as we tear down, clean up, and re-structure the store. We will re-open on Tuesday July 8th with double the space we had before, and a MUCH better overall store layout. If you were hoping to shop on those days, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it has to be done and we look forward to you checking out the new layout in a few days.

UPDATE: The walls are down, the clean-up is done, now we just have to re-organize, re-wire, and re-position everything. We will definitely be closed Monday as there's so much left to do, but it's happening and I can't believe how big this place actually is now.

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