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30 January 09 - 00:22Ground Zero Closes.

I really should update this more often...

Anyway, today one of our competitors closed their doors. The market for independent video game stores is a tough one, and with the economic crisis heating up, a lot of "Mom & Pop" stores are closing down. I won't lie to you, sales are down (about as much as they are everywhere), but unlike our competitors, we're expanding. We acquired 5 new showcases, a bright neon OPEN sign, and a pile of games... re-vamped the store (again), and finally sorted through the massive pile of random crap that's been haunting us for years. So if you're one of the people that was looking for something and I said "I'm sure I have it in a box of crap somewhere", now is the time to come by the store, it's all been sorted and is available (although Jen may not yet know where it is). Either way, come by and take a look at the new layout... bring a friend... spend some money... trade some games... and make your thumbs happy (you'll get this reference in a few months).

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