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27 July 09 - 13:50Virtual Store Tour & Game Demo

So I've been messing around with "Adventure Maker" and have a small virtual tour of the store that I made (in one day). I changed some of the (important) features at the last minute and thus I can't alter it anymore (and I don't feel like starting over yet). I may release a better version soon, but I wanted to put this out there for anyone that was interested.

Some notes:
- It's only available as a Windows program (that needs to be installed). I'm not happy either (I'm a Mac user).
- There are no viruses or anything, that would be lame.
- This is VERY basic... the actual game will have sound, music, video, inventory items, etc.
- When asked to enter a certain code (in a certain place)... do it slowly or it won't register properly.
- There is an end if you can get there (put the keys in the Party Van).

Here it is... Gamedeals_Store_Tour.exe

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23 July 09 - 15:27Another game store is gone...

Gamertagged in Langley has closed it's doors. Scott & Angie are good people that I liked doing business with, and I'm sad to see their store close down. They opened before the recession hit and had enonomic times been good they would have done well. Yet another example of how this economic downturn affects us all, and a reminder to support your local small businesses on all fronts.

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20 July 09 - 00:32It's official... Gamedeals Webseries Season 2 is coming!!!

It has been announced< by Disappointed People, and thus is now official. Expected to be shooting late August, no idea when they will go online. Listed to their podcast for more details.

ALSO: I'm working on a Gamedeals Video Game. It will be a point & click adventure ("Myst" style) with real life photos and be formatted for iPhone/iPod Touch and any web browser (so you can play it for free on the internet). As this will be a huge undertaking on my part (I'm doing 95% of it myself) it's going to take a while so we'll be lucky to see it by the end of the year. In the meantime, I'm going to make a test version (to get more familiar with the software) as a small virtual tour of the store that will be online in a few weeks.

*UPDATE* No season 2 of webseries & the game ended up just being a demo.

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08 July 09 - 02:50A bunch of things...

1. Check out this review of our store: Gamedeals

2. The Georgia Straight has started their yearly Best of Vancouver ballot, and shockingly there IS NO CATEGORY for Best Videogame Store!!! So please, if you get a moment, fill one out and add Gamedeals Video Games to any category you feel is appropriate. I suggest "Vancouvers Best Kept Secret", "Best place to make out", "Best place for a first date", "Best Toy store", "Best local blog", etc. etc. you get the idea. Feel free to help out our local friends with:
"Best local unsigned band" = Mojave
"Best Skateboard Shop" = Bruise
"Best (any of the bar categories)" = The Met
"Best sandwiches" = Greens Diner
Also, if you plan to post something on your blog, etc. please encourage others to add Gamedeals to their entries. It would be awesome to be in the Best of Vancouver issue of the Georgia Straight, because it would be appropriate in this case.

3. A bunch of new games in today, mostly Xbox (inc. Fatal Frame 1&2), also PSX Silent Hill and some DS/PSP games, plus random stuff for other consoles.

4. The Konami code is awesome... hehehe... ;)

That is all... for now.

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04 July 09 - 04:42Why Value Village sucks.

Just another example of why Gamedeals is better than Value Village.

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