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03 October 09 - 04:50Website re-design & lots more!

You may have already noticed... I mean, really, how could you not? We re-did the website! Hopefully it is a bit easier to find whatever you're looking for, loads quickly, etc. etc. but most importantly, there's a button for "Online Sales"!!! It is something I'm currently working on and plan to have up & running later this month. Getting the shopping cart software set up, cleaning the back room of the store, and prepping the online inventory is going to be a massive undertaking, but we feel that it's the next step in the evolution of Gamedeals (from best store in the Vancouver area to best store in the world). Lots of other changes coming soon as well including VIP cards, a new T-shirt design, season 2 of the Gamedeals webseries (filming later this month) as well as a few other things we're not talking about yet.

UPDATE: Online store is gone, still no VIP cards, & Season 2 of the webseries will never happen.

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