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22 May 10 - 21:45Happy 4 years Gamedeals!!!

We are happy to be able to celebrate 4 years of providing the Vancouver area with cheap games in an fun atmosphere, and in a climate of economic uncertainty where our competitors are constantly going out of business, we've expanded both in-store & online to make Gamedeals your #1 source for games. We couldn't have done it without our awesome customers who not only buy/sell/trade with us, but also tell their friends & co-workers about us, wear our T-shirts to events & continue to support us day after day, year after year. This party is for you guys, so come & enjoy it with us.

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14 May 10 - 20:30Random new news & things.

First off... we're switching our "I shop at Gamedeals" Facebook group to a "Gamedeals Video Games" Facebook "Page". So if you haven't already, CLICK HERE & "Like" it!!!

Also... we've added a ton of new games this week (some mentioned in our Twitter feed - which gets updated more than the blog).

Furthermore... we are considering adding a game room to host regular tournaments on a big LCD tv. We have the space, but the question is do you guys have the interest? Some of the games we're looking at include: Super Street Fighter 4, Smash Bros, Bomberman, Halo, Guitar Hero, Goldeneye, & Mario Party. If you're interested, please let us know in the comments section of the update on our facebook page (link above), as well let us know if there are other games you guys want to see us run a tournament for.

On top of that... we will be celebrating our 4-year anniversary on Saturday, May 29th. We're still working on the how/what/who of the event, but consider this a "save the date".

One more thing... E3 is a month away, we will be there, anyone got any good parties for us to attend (on the Tue/Wed. nights)?

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