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08 May 12 - 12:42Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo & other things...

March of 2012 brought us the first annual "Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo". A celebration of retro gaming like no other. The event sold out and was a hit. Like us & check out some of the videos on the Facebook Page: Vancouver Gaming Expo & Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo.

This fall (November 10th/11th) will be the first annual "Vancouver Gaming Expo". This event will have more of a modern-gaming theme to it.

On an unrelated note, I've also been working on a YouTube show called "Game To Win". Check it out at: GameToWin.TV. The show is currently on hiatus, but will likely return sometime in the future with a few small changes.

There has also been a lot of travelling this year. I went to the Midwest Gaming Classic, PAX East, Cowlitz Gamer's for Kids, & Fan Expo so far. In June we have E3, Seattle Retro Gaming Expo, Maker Faire, Galaxion & LANcouver, then in August is Classic Gaming Expo, Anime Revolution, Cos & Effect, and PAX Prime, followed in the fall by the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, then my event the Vancouver Gaming Expo. It's going to be a busy year (in case you were wondering why I'm not around much).

There were more things that I should mention (that we forgot to post here... poor neglected blog archive), including our epic Boxing Week Sale & the parties we occasionally throw in the store. There's always something going on... come by the store often and like us on Facebook to keep informed of all the happenings.

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