06 July 12 - 12:52More changes at Gamedeals with new Event Space.

We're constantly updating Gamedeals, and this time we've created a more efficient shopping experience and a new separate event space. Events have always felt weird being "in a game store" especially when some of them (while geek related) weren't about video games. With this new space, we will be holding a lot more events including: Tournaments, Nerd Yard Sales, Video Game Swap Meets, small "Geeks After Dark" events, Gamedeals parties, and a lot more. Make sure to "Like" us on Facebook and come by the store often to keep informed about upcoming events.

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08 May 12 - 12:42Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo & other things...

March of 2012 brought us the first annual "Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo". A celebration of retro gaming like no other. The event sold out and was a hit. Like us & check out some of the videos on the Facebook Page: Vancouver Gaming Expo & Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo.

This fall (November 10th/11th) will be the first annual "Vancouver Gaming Expo". This event will have more of a modern-gaming theme to it.

On an unrelated note, I've also been working on a YouTube show called "Game To Win". Check it out at: GameToWin.TV. The show is currently on hiatus, but will likely return sometime in the future with a few small changes.

There has also been a lot of travelling this year. I went to the Midwest Gaming Classic, PAX East, Cowlitz Gamer's for Kids, & Fan Expo so far. In June we have E3, Seattle Retro Gaming Expo, Maker Faire, Galaxion & LANcouver, then in August is Classic Gaming Expo, Anime Revolution, Cos & Effect, and PAX Prime, followed in the fall by the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, then my event the Vancouver Gaming Expo. It's going to be a busy year (in case you were wondering why I'm not around much).

There were more things that I should mention (that we forgot to post here... poor neglected blog archive), including our epic Boxing Week Sale & the parties we occasionally throw in the store. There's always something going on... come by the store often and like us on Facebook to keep informed of all the happenings.

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08 December 11 - 23:17Gamedeals "Store of the Year Edition".

On November 28th 2011 we issued the following press release:

BREAKING NEWS: Gamedeals said to be "too large a power-house" and asked to
"tone it down a little".

Reports have been issued that big box stores such as Best Buy and EB
have complained that the "little guy" is obviously gaining too much
power in the world of video game retail. As such they have done the
logical thing and tried to crush the competition. Rather than give in,
local video-game master-store Gamedeals has decided to give "the big
fellas a chance" by closing their Gastown location and renovating
their New West store to include a gamer lounge. "We can only hope to
recover from the damage done by this one local and independently owned
store" said the CEO of one of the larger retail outlets "Having them
sell games to customers at reasonable prices with friendly,
knowledgeable staff has been a real slap to the face of our business
model and the industry as a whole" he continued to comment while
counting money and laughing maniacally. We all know that we love and support
faceless corporations, so when they start getting hurt, it can't help but hit home.

A member of the Gastown Business Association put things into
perspective "Gamedeals was just too successful here. Gastown needs to
retain it's quiet off-the-radar image and they just attracted too many
people, it was time for them to go". Gamedeals' owner Brian Hughes plans to
"turn sour lemons into fucking lemonade martinis".

Gamedeals is still open for business at a respectable distance from
Vancouver in New Westminster right outside the Columbia Skytrain, and
is having a "Goodbye Gastown - Hello New Westminster" celebration on
Saturday December 3rd (event details to come).

Tyler Nicol - Director of Marketing & Public Relations


The reality of the situation is that the local economy took a sharp downward spiral in September, then got worse in November. Every business owner that I spoke to was saying that things were a lot slower than they should have been. Hello another recession. To top it off, the video game industry is going through some major fundamental changes when it comes to how games are being purchased, distribution options & big-box shenanigans. Needless to say, we chose to scale back & re-focus in order to ride out the down economy.

This came at a time when we were planning to renovate New West anyway, so we took all the content of both stores & put them together... added some additional DLC (American Pop/snacks, Gamer Lounge & cafe, after-hours events, etc.) and thus the "Store of the Year Edition". We're sad to see Gastown go, but it is what it is and we're excited about all of the new possibilities that New West will bring in the new year.

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08 November 11 - 23:208-bits of Destiny, Behind The Curtain, VRGE, etc.

We recently hosted an event at Gamedeals Gastown called "8-bits of Destiny". It's a video game themed art show in support of Child's Play Charity. Here's the video:

Speaking of videos... I've started a new Youtube series called "Gamedeals: Behind The Curtain". Showing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff of Gamedeals, Industry talk, events we attend, etc. There are only 5 videos so far, but over time there will be many more (subscribe).

Lastly, we recently announced the "Vancouver Retro Gaming Expo". We've taken the basics of: Vendors, Gaming, Tournaments, Panels, Charity Auction, Costumes, etc. and spiced it up a bit with a licensed venue, a DJ spinning some awesome old-school tracks & remixes, and a little nerd burlesque into the evening. Taking place on March 17th 2012 at the Columbia Theatre.

Hit up the website for more info: http://www.vancouvergamingexpo.com

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29 August 11 - 14:40PAX 2011 & our big announcement!!!

So... we just got back from PAX 2011 & I wanted to write a few things out here because Facebook just can't contain all the things swirling in my head and they need to be contained before I return to the daily grind. PAX 2011 was the best PAX ever... (until next year of course). I'm not sure how my experience seems to always top the prior year, but let's keep it up.

PAX began on THURSDAY for us as Johnny (HappyConsoleGamer) hosted a pre-PAX dinner. I don't think the Cheesecake Factory could contain that much awesome, and my stomach definitely couldn't contain enough of their food. Got to finally meet Pete Dorr & Jason Heine after hearing Johnny & John (Gamester81) talk about them so much & hearing them on their (AllGenGamers) podcast. The Retro Hunters & The Game Chasers were there, Metal Jesus, Peanut Butter Gamer, The FarFromSubtle guys stopped by (AwesomeVideoGames), Stuttering Craig & his crew from ScrewAttack came by (check out their new website coming soon), Pat the NES Punk was there, not to mention a number of our close friends from Gamedeals. A bit of Gameworks afterword where we met a few more people including Brian, the creator of Retro City Rampage (that is 2 blocks from our Gastown store). RobMan was blown away, having "the best day ever" and we had to remind him that PAX hadn't even started yet.

FRIDAY started with the keynote from David Jaffe (God of War / Twisted Metal), then the Penny Arcade Q&A (don't ever miss these). We grabbed lunch & wandered the expo hall for a bit. Grabbed some swag & at 4pm headed out front for the Youtube meet-up. Those guys seemed to have a good time meeting up with their fans. The crowd was a bit smaller than I expected it to be, but for the people that showed up it was a chance to meet the gang & get some VERY limited collectibles they were giving away. The Retro Game Roadshow panel was cool, some rare stuff shown off, it's a shame they didn't get to DJ's stuff before time ran out. Dinner then the evening concert. VGO was up first (Video Game Orchestra). They were loved by most of the people there, but not really my thing. I can't remember if we did anything after that, it's starting to blur already, I should type faster.

SATURDAY started with the "Make a Strip" panel with more Q&A (also a don't miss). The rest of the day was Expo Hall, partly to check out all the exhibitors, partly to give out Gamedeals Party wristbands to whomever we missed as we were running out. I started off by picking up a free OnLive console... so 20 years from now when people say "Whatever happened to that stupid OnLive thing?" I can show them my ultra-rare mint-in-box never used console & they can go "wow...". Then something interesting happened. There was a line to meet David Jaffe and I got in it right away. When I got up to meet him (he's a really cool guy by the way), I was telling him the story of at E3 2010, Ray & I were walking through the Sony booth during their press conference and we came across a covered booth of something about to be revealed. They pulled the sheet off and it was Twisted Metal PS3. I said "Is it playable", the Sony rep said "Fuck yeah", I said "where does the line start?" and he looked at me and said "how about right here". We were amongst the first group to play it. While telling this story, David stops me and says "wait... what is that on your shirt?". I say "oh, Gamedeals, I own a couple of stores up in Canada.". He pauses, looks at me and goes "are you the guy throwing the party tonight?" and pulls a blue wristband out of his pocket. The fucking keynote speaker is telling me about my own party. We talked for a bit more (did I mention he's a cool guy), and I got a signed Sweet Tooth mask (going to be displayed at Gastown) and a T-shirt. This lead to getting a free Zelda Re-orchestrated CD a few minutes later & free cotton candy that tasted like Kirby. I was in heaven and the weekend was only half over.

That night was the Gamedeals Party & the big announcement. We prepped the room, cranked the AC & brought in fans, and waited. People showed up early and the party was already crowded by 9:30. It was over-capacity in the room & the heat level was rising. I was incredibly nervous (and already had a couple drinks) and both Jen & Ray were wasted from the Sega party earlier. Anyway, 10:00 came and the announcement was made.

For those of you wondering why I haven't been at the store(s) much this month, this is why. Knee deep in paperwork. Franchise Applications, Agreements, Disclosure Documents, Financial Statements, etc. etc. Now that we have officially announced that we are Franchising, I can talk freely about it, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and spread the word. The website updates are temporary, it will look much prettier with more info soon. **UPDATE: Since the closing of Gastown & the speed with which the industry is changing, we are NO LONGER offering franchises. We may return to them once the dust settles on the video game industry, but for now we aren't.

The crowd at the party was very similar to the pre-PAX dinner, but much more cramped & it started to get hot so the party spilled into the hall (when Hotel Security showed up). By 11pm Hotel Security was back & the party was over. I had a feeling that we had outgrown the Sheraton this year, expect something bigger at a different location next year. The after-party kind of fizzled into a bunch of smaller gatherings and after hitting up a few of them (because there was no way my night was over), a small group of us ended up at a Pub across town with James Rolfe (Angry Video Game Nerd) & his friends (I want to say Angry Joe, James's friend Brian & a few others I don't remember). James seems like a cool guy, very different than what I expected, but they were all pretty drunk by that point. I look forward to talking to those guys again as it looks like they might be coming to Canada soon (we might do a meet-up/signing/something at Gamedeals). No sleep.

SUNDAY was pretty relaxed. Cleaning the parlour room, packing, etc. Went to the Pitch Your Game Idea panel, and while this panel in previous years was VERY funny, this year was just meh. I (alone) attended the Industry Insider panel (Industry numbers & statistics). Very good information and it was the first time that PAX had more of an E3 feel for me. No kids, no creepy fanboys, just industry people assimilating information. Shortly after we checked out and headed home. Today I'm headed into the store to hand out swag souvenirs to the guys that kept Gamedeals running while we were gone, and to decompress. PAX is one of the most intense weekends of the year. We should do this more often.

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26 June 11 - 05:185-year anniversary & new store!!!

Here's stuff that's new:

- Mario Poker (as mentioned in the last blog post) is no longer happening every week, only on special occasions.

- We've added a few new people to our team (Tyler & Ashley).

- Gamedeals celebrated it's 5-year anniversary.


Gamedeals Gastown location opened last month (332 Water St. Vancouver). It's been quite the busy few months getting that all together, the grand opening party, the kick-ass mural from local artist Nina Matsumoto, etc. etc.

A lot has happened in the last year... expect a lot more to come... we're shifting into overdrive, cranking it to 11, kicking ass & taking names.

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25 November 10 - 23:36Backbone Magazine article

We were recently interviewed for an article in Backbone Magazine (bundled with the Globe & Mail).

Click here for original article!!!

A primer on holiday gaming gear
By Jason Rodham
November 23, 2010

Step through the doors of GameDeals Video Games in New Westminster, B.C., and you’ll find a veritable graveyard of outmoded, poorly thought-out and ill-timed gaming consoles and joysticks. Owner Brian Hughes is justifiably proud of his collection, particularly his Nintendo Power Glove, “the coolest and most useless peripheral ever made.” Released in 1989, the Power Glove was the first controller to recreate human hand movements on a screen in real time. There was only one problem: it didn’t work.

Then there’s the TurboGrafx 16 game system, an “amazing” hand-held console, also released in 1989. Just 14cm by 14cm, the TurboGrafx had just a handful of games and was prohibitively priced. “Had it come out three or four years later, it might have been huge.”

The Power Glove and the TurboGrafx are not just cool pieces of gaming history. They’re symbols of the risks consumers accept when they shell out for the latest gaming technology. Do you buy the trusted and proven (albeit less cutting-edge) hardware? Or jump on the bandwagon and grab the next big thing as soon as it comes out?

In a world where new gaming options and new hardware seem to be hitting the market every other quarter, it’s even more important to make an informed selection.

Console wars

With its revolutionary motion caption system, the Wii sold 30 million units in the U.S. alone and remains the fastest selling console in history, but Tim Balay, senior merchandise manager of gaming and used gaming at Future Shop, said the Wii isn’t for everyone. “Nintendo really hit on a fantastic element with motion gaming, but for the more hardcore crowd I think it’s desired as an option, not a full-time control scheme.”

With almost half a decade under their respective belts, the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 are just starting to get long in the tooth. But don’t expect an overhaul any time soon.

“This generation of hardware was more expensive and both companies need to keep it going for a few more years,” GameDeals’ Hughes said.

On the bright side, Xbox and Sony have lots of bundled options to entice buyers, Balay said. Sony recently launched Move, which it claims is the most advanced motion capture system on the market. And Microsoft is looking to cut the cord on the controller altogether with the launch of its Kinect motion capture system, which enables players to interact solely through gestures and verbal commands.

Go go games

Mobile gaming is hot and Future Shop’s Balay is pumped about the iPad’s gaming potential. With its fused GPS, touch screen, gyroscopes and always-on data, “the iPad isn’t a game changer in that space; it has actually created an entirely new space.”

He said the different technologies packed into the tablet will enable a whole new generation of “alternate reality games” (ARGs) to emerge. ARGs will deliver an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform by fusing multimedia with game elements and storylines that can be influenced by a participant’s ideas or actions. “The tools are there for utterly new mind-blowing gaming experiences.”

But Balay also said the Nintendo DS and DSi and Sony PSP and PSPgo remain successful pieces of hardware that should continue to appeal to a broad cross-section of users. Nintendo is betting its innovative new 3DS system, which will allow players to see 3D images without the use of special glasses, will be a major success. “That system is going to do incredibly well, if not for the 3D, then for the powerful hardware that comes with it.”

Sony is replying to this threat with its upcoming PSP2, prototypes of which are now in the hands of game designers.

Back to Apple: the company recently added a social media gaming network called Game Center to the iPod touch and iPhone. Balay said “it remains to be seen what kind of impact this feature will have on the space.”

PCs still deliver elite play

In terms of creating the most immersive and real-life gaming experiences, you still can’t beat a tricked-out PC, but the emphasis is on the “tricked out” part, said Vancouver-based computer support professional James Lasenby. There is a fundamental difference between a PC and a gaming machine. “They’re totally different animals. While your PC has to carry out many tasks simultaneously, a gaming machine is devoted to one task only: gaming.”

Alienware, a wholly owned Dell subsidiary, is focused solely on building high-end gaming machines. Another interesting brand is Los Angeles-based gaming computer maker CyberPower. But if a cutting-edge (and expensive) Alienware or CyberPower isn’t your thing, Future Shop’s Balay said mainstream manufacturers are also doing “a great job listening to gamers” and building in the best processors, video cards and power supplies.

So, which platform is the best platform for you?

“First, figure out what games you want to play, then buy the system you need to play them,” Hughes said. “If you start with a system then look for the games, you may not find what you want.”

Before you buy, however, you would do well to heed the graveyard that is GameDeals’ front window. “Looking back, most of the failed systems and peripherals here all looked like they were way ahead of their time.”

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27 October 10 - 21:51Split Reason T-shirts are now available!!!

In an effort to expand into more Video Game Culture products, we're proud to announce that we now carry T-shirts from Split Reason. We've always had a small selection of gamer shirts, but this marks the beginning of a much larger selection and transition to more than just games. We recently started carrying gamer belt buckles, and will continue to get other "gaming culture" related items in the next few months.

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17 October 10 - 23:13"Mario Poker" on Friday nights!!!

Starting this Friday, every Friday night will be Mario Poker @ Gamedeals. $5 buy-in, after-hours event, BYOB. Game starts at 7pm after the store closes. RSVP preferred but there should be space, bring a friend as well, the more the merrier.

If you don't already know, "Mario Poker" is a Texas Hold'Em variant played with a custom side deck of "Power-Ups" that can manipulate the game in various ways. Full rules & access to see the power-ups will be available pre-game for new players.

If you can't make it this week, come out next week or the week after. This will be an ongoing event on Friday nights.

* (This event is no longer happening)

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11 October 10 - 18:16All kinds of updates!!!

Again, sorry for the lack of updates. Facebook & Twitter have all the information so the blog became kind of redundant (but we're looking to change that). I'm not sure where to start so here goes:

- The Online store is dead... and will remain dead. It was great to be able to offer the ability to shop with us to out-of-town gamers, but the reality is that from a business perspective it just wasn't worth the massive effort involved and we can't find a legitimate reason to revive it.

- We got a big TV for our new game room where we are holding a lot more events now (see Facebook). We will be doing something at least once a week and are always looking for suggestions on future events.

- We will be re-designing the website very soon, hopefully in a good way.

- We are starting to stock more New Release Games on (or close to) launch day!!! To be honest, it's difficult to do as an indie store, but for the AAA titles we are trying our best to at least get some in for you guys.

- We also sponsored "The Gauntlet" at Anime Evolution this year. The "Trophy of Power" should be back at the store on display soon.

- There was an article written about us in the "Wild Gunman". You can read it at www.wildgunmen.com.

- Also, we had a great time at PAX this year & threw one hell of a party. Here's the video in case you haven't seen it yet.

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23 June 10 - 16:41Various updates & Things

It's been a while since the last update, so here's the skinny on the latest happenings around here...

- Play N Trade Richmond is now gone. No real comment on that one other than that makes 3 so far this year. (do I hear 4?)

- Brian & Ray went to E3 this year, some thoughts are posted on the Facebook page. Needless to say, there were some awesome things, some bad things, Cheap Ass Gamer knows how to throw a party, and some business was done that will mean big things for Gamedeals in the near future.

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22 May 10 - 21:45Happy 4 years Gamedeals!!!

We are happy to be able to celebrate 4 years of providing the Vancouver area with cheap games in an fun atmosphere, and in a climate of economic uncertainty where our competitors are constantly going out of business, we've expanded both in-store & online to make Gamedeals your #1 source for games. We couldn't have done it without our awesome customers who not only buy/sell/trade with us, but also tell their friends & co-workers about us, wear our T-shirts to events & continue to support us day after day, year after year. This party is for you guys, so come & enjoy it with us.

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28 April 10 - 03:28Pictures of newly expanded storefront.

Some people have asked for pictures of the newly expanded store, so here you go...

There is still some decorative stuff & a bit of tweaking to do, but you get the idea... it's MUCH BIGGER now. Come & take a look.

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16 April 10 - 00:15Fallen soldiers.

As of the last week or so, 2 local video game stores have gone out of business...

Play N Trade Kitsilano... is packing it in & moving their stock to their Squamish location (same owner). My sympathies to their staff (some of which were friends of Gamedeals) whom are now looking for work, but that store is one we're glad to see gone.

Cheeky Monkey Games... was a small store downtown run by Mark (very cool Brit). We liked him, and his store will be missed.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the independent video game store business (or any indie store business for that matter) is a difficult one, and it's important to support your local stores (as opposed to the big chain stores) if you want them to survive. They are what gives our neighborhood culture and generally provide products/services far better than what the big box stores do. Something to think about.

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09 April 10 - 23:52Grand re-opening of Gamedeals Video Games v3.0

Not to sound like an "Extra Sugar Free Gum" commercial or anything but DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE, DOUBLE YOUR FUN, GAMEDEALS IS NOW DOUBLE THE SIZE!!!

We knocked the wall down, put in some new carpet, and made Gamedeals bigger. It's been a long 4 days (the longest we've ever closed since we opened almost 4 years ago), but we're almost ready (and are staying here into the late hours of the night to finish it). I'd like to thank the "friends of Gamedeals" that helped us out today & over the last few days, as well as our customers for being awesome and allowing us to continue to grow.

To celebrate our grand re-opening, we will be doing "NO TAX" on anything in the store this weekend (Sat/Sun)!!!

Even if you're not looking for anything in particular, come by & say hello, and marvel at just how big our store is now. There is more to come later this year as well with a new pricing structure, special events, parties & more. See you soon.

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01 April 10 - 03:07Gamedeals is closing...

... for a few days next week for renovations. We pride ourselves on being open every day, but unfortunately from the 6th-9th of April we will not be here to save you money on video games. Big changes are happening at Gamedeals (and change is good). After examining some of the flagship indie game stores in other cities, we are growing to serve you better (by borrowing some of their best ideas).

As part of this growth, we will be permanently closing the "Expansion Pack".

So for the next 3 days, everything in the Expansion Pack is ON SALE:
- DVD's are "Buy 4 get the 5th one free" ($5 each or 5 for $20)
- Everything in Dan's showcases are 40% off!!!
- Import games are still 50% off.
- Everything else is 25% off.
ONLY FOR 3 DAYS!!! April 1st-3rd.

Once the "Expansion Pack" closes, we will only be keeping the DVD's, so if there's anything else you want (toys/collectibles/etc.) now is your chance to get it.

We will re-open on Saturday April 10th with a "Grand Re-opening" party (more details to come).

In the meantime, we are OPEN during the holiday weekend (Friday-Monday) so come on down.

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19 March 10 - 19:36MARCH MADNESS SALE!!!

It's March & we've gone MAD!!!


For every 2 items you buy (Consoles/games/accessories/collectibles/etc.) you get a 3rd one for FREE!!! We have some big plans for this year and big plans cost big money, so from now until the end of the month you guys can come & buy all our good stuff at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Also: All of the Import Games (that we moved into the Expansion Pack) are 50% off (not B2G1).

FINE PRINT: B2G1 sale only applies in Gamedeals (not in Expansion Pack or online). We reserve the right to limit quantities & some exceptions may apply. No dealers. The free item is the cheapest of the 3 (some people still don't get that).

- We have A LOT OF GOOD THINGS in stock right now!!!
- We are adding a ton of stuff to the Expansion Pack this week (more DVD's, more Toys, more everything) so come & take a look.

FINER PRINT: We at Gamedeals mean no disrespect to people who are "mad" or are suffering from "madness" and the catchy title of our sale (as used throughout history) is meant in good fun and not a slight to people suffering from "the madness". If you or a family member are "mad" or have "madness" please seek medical care (after coming to Gamedeals for our kick-ass sale).

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08 February 10 - 13:18Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games promotion!!!

We are giving away 3 copies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics game for PS3. Here's how to win:

1. Make a purchase at our online store: http://www.gamedeals.ca during the Olympic games and you are automatically entered into a draw.

2. Post a video response to this video telling us why you want to win a copy of this game. Be sure to include a link to this video as well as a link to our website in the video description (or you can't win).

3. Send us something cool in the mail... don't care what it is, we just want cool stuff. Address is: Gamedeals (Contest), 407 Columbia St., New Westminster BC V3L1A9, Canada.

ALSO: Please share the video online, favorite it, comment/vote on it, etc.

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06 February 10 - 02:33Gamedeals is expanding...

We just levelled up...

We have acquired the space next door (formerly "Bruise") and will be expanding there in the VERY near future. Thus we are in need of showcases, display racks, couches, computers, signage, etc. to fill all of this empty space...

We're looking forward to bringing you more awesomeness with cheap DVD's, Laptops, disc-repair, and other collectibles.

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22 January 10 - 01:05Final Fantasy XIII potions have arrived!!!

This years batch of (straight from Japan) FF13 potion drinks are finally here. Featuring characters from the much anticipated Final Fantasy 13. Get them while they last.

Also available: A limited number of last years "Dissidia" Potions, and a few of the prior years "Advent Children" drinks.

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